1300 square meters of space equipped with the latest technology

In Vic BAPORO Motorsport has its technical facilities covering an area of 1300m2, divided into two sister ships communicated with separate entrances, in a modern building.

The engineering department has an area of over 30 m2 and a complete computer and electronic equipment consists of fixed stations and laptops of last generation, for collection and analysis of information gathered by telemetry systems for data acquisition that each competition vehicle is fitted and different work applications and art programs for the design of mechanical components from the study and simulation of computer operation (suspension optimization, calculation of forces, etc.)

BAPORO Motorsport has also a technical office of 15m2, located next to the engineering department. At the top are the offices with the most modern services and divided into three areas: logistics, management and boardroom.

workshop area (550m2)

  • is distributed in nine different areas of work

assembly and repair of vehicles

    • has an area of 450m2, which are distributed in six boxes equipped with all the material and equipment necessary to perform the work for about six vehicles simultaneously.
  • Electrical Department

    • has all the elements necessary for development and maintenance of all electrical and electronic systems of vehicles.


    • all types of welding equipment of the most modern technologies.
  • Parts cleaning

    • independent, equipped with the necessary tools to clean all types of parts and materials.
  • Department painting

    • Area equipped and ready to paint small sized pieces.
  • machining, metrology and quality

    • Room equipped with different metrology systems for testing of materials and parts, as well as all the necessary machinery for machining parts.
  • Mount

    • area for the assembly of different parts of the vehicle, equipped with appropriate machinery and tools.
  • spares Zone

    • has a space of 110 m2 located on the second level of the ship.
  • Logistics (500 m2)

    • This area is intended for maintenance and preparation of the team's support vehicles and other material equipment (tents, awnings, etc..).