A whole team to satisfy every requirement on hig competition

The variety of services and products in the area of competition given by BAPORO Motorsport is wide and adaptable so it will fit on every high level competition schedule, either it's on rallies or in the track.

The main purpose of BAPORO Motorsport is that every customer willing to follow a racing schedule doesn't need to worry about anything other than driving. For this purpose, Baporo Motorsport offers the Integral Management which implies the Technical Management of the vehicle and the Sportive Management of its schedule.

Appart form that, BAPORO Motorsport also offers programs fitted to the requirements of every driver or team that can vary from Technical Management of its own sports vehicle, car rental of competition vehicles property of Baporo Motorsport or the Specific Replacment Parts Service.

For that purpose the structure of the company is ready to support in four areas:
Integral Management(Technical Management + Sportive Management)
The customer only needs to worry about driving

Technical Management
Implies all the work on the development and mainteinance of the sports vehicle of the customer. Consists in the following points:

  • Technical tracing
  • Set-up
  • Support engineering
  • Evolution and set-up
  • Tests
  • Lifespan control of the parts

Sportive Management
Consists in all the work of development and mainteinance of the sports car of the customer. It implies the following points:

  • Organization and planning of the race events.
  • Sportive support at team level. Soporte Deportivo a nivel de escuderia. Registration, rules, claims, etc..
  • Assistance and logistics on the race.
  • Planning and tracking of sport programms
  • Technical driving formation

Racing car rental
BAPORO Motorsport has some sports cars ready to rental, either rally or track cars in constant renewal.

  • By a year rental contract, the timed kilometer get optimized to the limit, so every solution can be studied on this modality.

Specific Replacement Parts
Thanks to the great movement of sports cars, BAPORO Motorsport has a big stock and the logistics required for its supply:

  • Replacement parts for the SEAT Córdoba WRC and SEAT Ibiza Kit Car. The biggest stock in the world comming form Seat Sport.
  • Distribution in Spain of the PRODRIVE Replacement Parts for the Subaru Impreza cars.